In the past year, God has brought people and situations into my life which have motivated me to be more real in my interactions with others. One situation in particular got me thinking about what is really important in life and whether it is ever worthwhile to focus on things that are not very important. As a result, I have begun asking questions to others about things that seem to me to be more important. I have gained much insight from the experiences and thoughts of others.

Meaningful conversations begin with intentional questions

Through more focused conversation and an interest in what really matters, I have built much deeper and more rewarding relationships than I ever have before. Also, as I have transitioned my focus and time from silliness to things of importance, those around me have changed the way they interact with me. In other words, I have seen aspects of others that I never before even knew existed.

Do you want to haveĀ meaningful conversations? Then askĀ intentional questions.

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